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Independent Funeral Standards Organisation

The Funeral Standards Organisation provides public assurance on the quality standards achieved by funeral homes in its membership.

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Giving public confidence in the industry

For the first time there will be an independent regulatory organisation to ensure that funeral directors are supported to deliver the highest possible standards

IFSO – the new Independent Funeral Standards Organisation – is tasked with ensuring that the funeral industry gets regulation right, for both the public and for businesses across the sector. We know from market research that the public assume that the sector is already subject to regulation, this is our opportunity to make that a reality, but in a way which is sympathetic and supportive rather than prescriptive and inappropriate. Our objective is to make sure that our accreditation is recognised as a badge of quality. Our board is made up of experienced regulatory personnel who know how best to engage with the public, while ensuring that firms aren’t burdened with unnecessary layers of bureaucracy and compliance costs.

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A supportive body for the industry, ensuring we respond to the CMA’s “Funerals Market Investigation”

With an increasing focus on the industry of late, including the CMA’s “Funerals Market Investigation”, IFSO has been formed to work with the government to implement a “co-regulatory” model. For the moment the UK government has elected not to legislate for regulation of the sector, instead opting to work with the sector in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. As part of this co-regulatory model we will look to work with the government to oversee the development and achievement of standards that will ensure quality and fairness to consumers. IFSO seeks to work with all stakeholders within the sector to understand their needs and also the needs of the consumers they serve, all with the overarching goal of helping to shape the successful self-regulation of the industry.

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