In his presentation to the NAFD’s Autumn General Meeting, IFSO Head of Quality Risk & Compliance Nigel Cooper updated the Association’s members on recent inspection activity and key themes arising from non or partial compliance identified during the visits.

In the course of the six months between 1 April 2023 and 30 September 2023, he advised that 542 inspection visits were carried out.

“The majority of compliance issues highlighted related to the care of deceased people or operational facilities (67 instances each), with client care (41) and management of the business (28) also featuring in a number of compliance issues raised during inspections,” said Nigel. “Confidentiality/data protection issues were only raised on 19 occasions, complaint handling on ten occasions and the other factors all featured in only a small handful of inspection visits.

“Going forward, some of the key areas of focus for the team will be on storage of cremated remains, estimates, procedures and accountability for the transfer of deceased people and the security of mortuary environments.”