The Independent Funeral Standards Organisation (IFSO), which provides independent scrutiny and oversight of more than 4,000 UK funeral homes, welcomes the launch of the second phase of the Inquiry into the crimes of David Fuller.

Natalie McKail, independent chair of IFSO, said: “Since its launch as an independent standards body two years ago, IFSO has focused on two core activities: providing consumers with assurance of the standards being achieved by the 4,000 funeral homes that are members of the National Association of Funeral Directors, and on gathering a broad and detailed body of evidence on compliance levels in the sector, against standards set out in the Funeral Director Code. This enables IFSO to require compliance, where necessary and further develop our quality assurance approach, but also to support the continuous improvement of standards by funeral firms through education.

“IFSO stands ready to respond to government recommendations on quality standards during and further to the Inquiry findings. We would be pleased to make our evidence available to the Inquiry team, to help them both with their understanding of what best practice should look like and to help shape recommendations that proportionate, achievable and will safeguard the dignity and security of deceased people, provide further assurance to bereaved families and enable funeral firms that are routinely working to the highest standards to be recognised for their commitment to excellence.”