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About Us.

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About IFSO.

An independently operated regulator for NAFD members.

IFSO was established to ensure that funeral directors who elect to be part of the NAFD are supported in the delivery of the highest possible operational standards

IFSO – the Independent Funeral Standards Organisation – provides quality assurance that funeral directing members of the National Association of Funeral Directors uphold and deliver the highest possible standards to bereaved and deceased people in their care.

We know from market research that the public assumes that the sector is already subject to regulation. In Scotland, The Scottish Government’s Funeral Director Code of Practice comes into force in March 2025, making it the first country in the UK to be Government regulated.

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, however, the funeral sector remains largely self-regulating, although the recent introduction of the Competition and Markets’ Authority Funeral Order and the FCA’s regulation of pre-paid funeral plans is bringing a greater degree of regulation to businesses. The investigation into the crimes of David Fuller may see further controls introduced.

Therefore, as long as the sector is regulated on a voluntary basis through trade association membership, in the interests of both businesses and consumers there is a need for credible and independently operated oversight of funeral homes, with a specific focus on quality assurance, provided in a way which actively supports the delivery of high standards.

Our objective is to make sure that IFSO accreditation is recognised as a badge of quality, so that the public can choose an IFSO-inspected funeral director with confidence.

The IFSO team not only check in with members to ensure compliance with quality benchmarks, but support and guide them in getting there. This attention to detail and only the highest possible standards ensures public confidence in local firms, helping them achieve industry excellence.

IFSO is trustworthy, responsible, and dependable; inspiring confidence and acting with integrity to ensure quality and consistency among NAFD members.

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