About Us.

About Us.

Discover our mission and scope as we look to restore public
confidence in the funeral services industry

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Responding to the CMA.

Introducing IFSO.

Establishing an independent industry regulator

We’re looking to enact a regulator that ensures funeral directors are supported to deliver the highest possible standards, in line with CMA recommendations

IFSO – the Independent Funeral Standards Organisation – is tasked with ensuring that the funeral industry gets regulation right, for both the public and for businesses across the sector. We know from market research that the public assumes that the sector is already subject to regulation. This is our opportunity to make that a reality, but in a way which is sympathetic and supportive rather than prescriptive and inappropriate. Our objective is to make sure that our accreditation is recognised as a badge of quality. Our board is made up of experienced regulatory personnel who know how best to engage with the public, while ensuring that firms aren’t burdened with unnecessary layers of bureaucracy and compliance costs.

In the interests of both businesses and the consumer, there is a need for a credible and independent regulatory system in the funeral services industry, providing an inspection and registration scheme with a specific focus on quality assurance. IFSO will be supported by legislation to act on inspection findings and provide subsequent action, to discharge the regulatory activities – maintaining a standard of quality across the sector, and working with funeral directors to build on best practice and encourage quality performance. This is where IFSO recognises quality and ensures regulation and compliance, helping to shape the landscape of the funeral service industry in the UK.

IFSO’s mission is to be a compliance organisation for the funeral profession and bereaved people in all four nations of the United Kingdom. We will do this by promoting high standards, providing a regulatory framework to support our members, focusing on the outcomes for consumers and the management of risk. 

The IFSO team will not only check in with members to ensure compliance with quality benchmarks, but support and guide them in getting there. This attention to detail and only the highest possible standards ensures public confidence in local firms, helping them achieve industry excellence. As an unencumbered, independent regulatory body, IFSO is trustworthy, responsible, and dependable; inspiring confidence and acting with integrity to ensure quality and consistency within the funeral services industry. 

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